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  • Tuesdays:

    • ​Men's Bible Study - At the Church at 7:00 am.
    • Women's Bible Study - At Cross Roads at 8:30 am​.
  • Wednesdays:

    • Good News starting at 3:00.

    • Meal starting at 5:30.

    • Youth Group starting at 6:00.

    • Bible Study starting at 7:00.

  • Every 2nd Friday of the month:

    • Men's Life Group - Men on Fire. Information about dates, events, and locations can be found on the bulletin board at the top of the stairs in the church. Although may vary, usually starts at 6:00.

  • Every 1st Mondy of the month:​

    • Women's Life Group - Mary and Martha's (M&Ms). At Cross Roads at 6:00 pm. Involves Bible Study and Craft-Making. Talk to Carrie for questions.​


    • Cross Training (Sunday School) - Please remember that we have Cross Training available for all age groups at 9:30 am. We'd love to have you join us!

Additional Information.

Youth Center – IS OPEN on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 for all community youth. Please talk to Chase or Jess if you're interested in volunteering at either the Youth Center or Made Anew.

Building Fund – Our building fund is over $413,000!! We are getting closer and a building is on the way!​

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