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Background Graphic Design Contest


Hello all!

Our church has been needing some new backgrounds for our presentation software so I'd like to give everyone an opportunity to submit their creative projects for all to see!


IT IS OVER! The panel of unbias judges are reviewing all submissions and choose our winners! Please be patient while we narrow down a champion. Winners include three from the YOUTH (High School and under) and three from the ADULTS!

Prizes? I heard there were prizes!

Yes indeed! Each group (Youth and Adults) will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prices. Here's the breakdown:

First Place - $10

Second Place - $5

Third Place - $5

Neat! How do I submit my design?

Please email me at:

Make sure that your email allows it to send in the highest quality. If I feel like something shrank your photo, I will email and confirm that it is present how you want it. 

I'll accept: .zip files, photo files (Ex: PNG & JPG), Scans for drawing (Ex: PDF), and links from cloud storage providers (Dropbox & Google Drive). 

Technical Junk/Pointers

Make sure you are taking high-quality photos. The final product will be an aspect ratio of 16:9 at a resolution of 1920x1080 (Be aware of cropping). You don't have to crop it yourself, just be aware that it will be that aspect ratio. Send the highest quality version! Your photo may be scored higher if it can be used at different ratios and maintain a high-quality resolution.

Don't make your photos too busy. They are just backgrounds. Don't have bright colors with larger contrast or many subjects. Allow words to stand out from the background and be the focus.

Here are some things I'm personally looking for: Meaning/expression, Creativity, Space for words (and the ability to make words stand out), Biblical Themes

Only Offical Requirement: MUST BE YOUR CREATION - Don't use Google

Legal Junk:

Disclaimer: By entering a submission to the contest, you're relinquishing all copyright you have to Ben Prasko and Colony Christian Church. All photos/drawings/designs submitted become the property of the church and Ben upon submission. This is non-refutable and by submitting you release all ownership and creative rights which allows Ben and the church to use them however they want.

But Why?

Here's how I see it. Involvement is key for engagement! To get people thinking about church, to get people in the pews, to get some involvement by our community, I want to give them an opportunity to engage and put a part of themselves into the service. People may feel more connected and involved if they see something they created displayed on the screen!

Also, creative expression is one of the greatest ways to express ideas and feelings. I want to encourage people to push themselves to create something meaningful and powerful. I want people to share their experiences in a way that words struggle to match: Draw something powerful, capture an emotion in a picture, video something majestic; all with the challenge of making something for a background! This challenge will hopefully bring our local community of artists together! The talent is there but the utilization isn't. Musicians are on the stage but the graphic designers sit in the background. So unleash your graphic designer and photographer and create something!

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